To help you understand our decision to change our name, we feel it is necessary to let you know how we feel about it. We put a lot of prayerful consideration into this decision and feel that this is the direction God is leading us towards. "Oh Tear the Veil" has brought us many successes, but there is a negative connotation with that name in reference to another band called "Pierce the Veil". In order to grow as a band, we felt it was necessary to break away from this reference and start fresh with a new name and new brand. One thing has always remained the same with us; that we are four brothers who passionately love Jesus and want to spread his word through our music. That is where we derive the new name. Simplistic and at the core of who we are.

We are currently recording on our new album. We are very excited about the new songs and feel that with a new sound and a new album, that it is the perfect time to go forward with this change.

We understand that changing a name is a lot of work and essentially starting us at the bottom again, becoming an unknown band. No matter the name of our band, our message stays the same; keeping the focus of everything we do surrounded by Jesus, proclaiming his message through our songs, and being a light for our generation.

We hope you understand our reasoning for this change and that it does not effect your love you once had for us as individuals and OTTV. If you would like to chat more about this or if you have any questions we'd love to chat with you! Send us a message on the Contact page!

Thanks for the continued support. We love you all.